The 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution is approaching, and we are preparing a special program. There is a lot to reflect on: three decades of freedom, three decades of free dance. That's why you will meet us on November 16 not only on Národní třída, but also in the PONEC Theatre for an evening of discussion with key figures of the Velvet Revolution, the launch of the book 100 Student Revolutions by the Institute for Contemporary History, and the screening of a new documentary film about the events of 1989 which the Institute made in cooperation with Czech Television.

And that's not all! Together with Michal Záhora's Pulsar dance platform we are preparing a series of exceptional events called 30 YEARS DANCING TO FREEDOM. What progress have we made since 1989? How did dance itself evolve? What did freedom bring us? And what to do next? These questions will be central to the autumn project.

And what specifically can you look forward to? Within the project we are participating in three events: the premiere of the dance solo GENERATION X by Michal Záhora and Tereza Krčálová as performed by Helena Arenbergerová expressing the feelings of the 1979 generation, which experienced the turn of two epochs; the street performance MANIFEST TANCE NA KORZU on the theme of the freedom of artists in society; and a conference evening called NEXT PROMISES – a social gathering of artists and the public connected with the premiere of a triptych of works by the upcoming creative generation (Jitka Čechová, Nikola Němcová, Tereza Krejčová) and a lecture by Nina Vangeli, followed by a discussion with guests.

We will gradually invite you to individual events that recall and reflect upon the last three decades, but also to think about further possible developments. Stay tuned!