Educational seminars

We organize experiential-educational seminars for interested artists, dance instructors and teachers.

At the begining will Jiřina Jiřičková from Czech Orff Society  introduce the creative work with playing pipes boomwhackers. We will focus on inclusion - possibilities of working with integrated children in the framework of movement lessons, who can consult with the special teacher Klára Janů. Singer and author Ridina Ahmed will lead a workshop on voice work on Sunday.

Price for both days is 1300 CZK (students 900 CZK)

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21 – 22 September 2019 Body Mind Centering and Contact Improvisation with Object + -

An educational and creative workshop designed for dance teachers working with children, art school teachers and elementary school teachers. The sixth in a series of workshops within the Dance for Schools project, which for the 13th year brings creative physical education to children at school. The seminars do not train Dance and Movement Education instructors but are aimed at supplementing knowledge and new inspirations that can enrich this teaching. You can look forward to inspiration from the Body Mind Centering technique (Anna Sedláčková) and contact improvisation for working with groups of children (Mirka Eliášová).

Anna Sedláčková's workshop will focus on individual themes in the field of experiential anatomy and developmental movement with possibilities of use in creative movement with school-age children. The presented topics will be examined in improvised movement and movement assignments. The BMC approach is one that perceives a person (teacher and child) as a complex personality and offers the possibility of expressing the mind through the body and vice versa through movement and touch. It creates space for movement sharing.

Mirka Eliášová will follow up on her previous seminar in which she introduced the basics of contact improvisation in working with children. She will now focus on the possibilities of using objects as a mediator of contact in improvisation, but also as further stimulus for the creative work of children.

There will also be experience sharing, mutual consultation and a demonstration lesson of the Dance for Schools program.

Instructors: Anka Sedláčková and Mirka Eliášová

Where: PONEC – dance venue

Mirka Eliášová

Mirka Eliášová is a dancer, teacher and choreographer. She graduated from the choreography program at the Department of Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where she also defended her dissertation and currently works as a teacher. She has created more than 20 original choreographies, collaborated on opera performances and participated in the creation of four dance films. Since 2008 she has been working with the Berg Orchestra on site-specific performances of music by contemporary composers. Her works have been presented at festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad and have won many awards.

She is also involved in creative activities for children as a primary school teacher and a movement workshop lecturer. She is the author of the children's interactive performances World of Paper and Momo, which are regularly presented at the PONEC Theatre.

Anna Sedláčková

Anna Sedláčková is a Slovak dancer, teacher and choreographer. Since 1996 she has been working as a dance teacher at the Department of Dance at the Academy of Performing Arts, where she founded the Dvorana Movement Studio. She focuses on a holistic approach to humanity in art and movement therapy. She has worked with prominent personalities in motion therapy in the United States and has been awarded the Body-Mind Centering ® Teacher, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner® and Infant Developmental Movement Educator and Somatic Movement Educator of the BMC method. She specializes in the application of BMC for the development of young children.   
At the same time, she is an active artist and has worked on many international dance projects in Slovakia, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. She is a member of the artistic association Neskorý zber (Late Harvest), where she has participated as a dancer and choreographer in several productions. She is a co-founder of the Babyfit civic association, which specializes in education in the developmental movement of infants and young children.

Seminar price: CZK 1,200, students CZK 800

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The educational and creative seminar was designed for dance teachers working with children, art school teachers and elementary school teachers. The fifth in a series of seminars focused on inspiration from the field of bodypercussion (Lenka Pospíšilová, Czech Orff Society) and contact improvisation for working with groups of children (Mirka Eliášová). There was also sharing of experience, mutual consultation and a demonstration lesson of the Dance for Schools program.

27. - 29. 9. 2018 - Workshop Art of Intuitive Play The workshop was part of the project Dance to Schools, which has brought the creative and movement lessons with professional dancers to schools. The fourth seminar will be led by an inspirational personality, a Dutch lecturer of intuitive pedagogy who works in Germany, Thomas Pedroli. homas Pedroli is a musician, intuitive coach, lecturer on intuitive communication topics and intuitive pedagogy. He studied Waldorf's educational system and music. With teaching and teaching music he has spent 34 years at various schools in the Netherlands and Germany. In 1998, Thomas initiated seminars for intuitive pedagogy with Pär Ahlbom. Currently, he is a coach and lecturer in several European countries and Japan. Partners: Capital City of Prague, Ministry of Culture, Prague 3 and Goethe Institut