Are you planning to attend the Prague Pride Festival? This year the program will again feature a work of contemporary dance, so be sure not to miss the event on Střelecký Island! On Friday, August 9 you can look forward to MANSHAPE by Norwegian choreographer Karen Foss, which was created for one dancer a few years ago and at the initiative of Prague Pride has grown into a double solo for a man and a woman performed by the ME-SA ensemble.

The basic themes are gender, masculinity and what we mean by these terms. From many angles, artists ponder what a man and woman can be and what goes beyond these categories. "What if what defines me is not just gender? For me there is only HUMAN. If I could choose, I would have no gender at all," says Norwegian dance artist Karen Foss.

She is most interested in the flowing movement of human bodies – without sex, without gender, but full of the miracle of humanity. Being human. The clear fluency of dance and its choreographic shapes play an important role in her artistic vision. The choreographer's wish is for people to feel that they are respected – along with their inclinations and preferences.

Friday, August 9, 21:00, Pride Village – Střelecký Island, Prague


Idea, director, choreography:  Karen Foss
Concept:  Karen Foss, Daniel Raček
Performed by:  Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Daniel Raček
Artistic cooperation:  Honza Malík
Music:  Jørgen Knudsen
Music and lyrics:  Lærke Grøndved
Musical arrangement and production:  Leon Muraglia
Text:  Leon Muraglia, Lærke Grøntved, Karen Foss
Light design, scenography:  Sigve Sælensminde, Katarina Ďuricová

Producer: kf Quiet Works, ME-SA/ Karolína Hejnová
Co-producer Prague Pride: Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC- dance venue
The work was created and presented with the support of: MKČR, Studio ALTA, Norwegian Foreign Ministry, Foundation for Performing Artists, Balada SITE.